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the real point of the leaked photos

if the perpetrator can leak nude photos, imagine what else he can leak

bank statements?
secret files?

some people might store this information on iCloud from backing up their computers

it is a horrible thing that happened to the people involved in the privacy invasion scandal, but the public needs to realise that remote/cloud storage is inherently out of their control

think securely when using technology

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To the asshole who leaked private photos

If you’re so ready to leak photos of other people, let us see some photos of you. Let us judge you and criticise you and materialise you. This is what you have done to all the talented and amazing women through your leaked photos. They are whipped through the entire lens of the world, spreading pictures on various social media, and will probably be there forever on the internet.

These women are not objects. They are human beings with emotions. They are able to feel, to cry, to smile, to hurt. So what if they’re famous? They have done so much for us. They showcase their talent for us so that we can laugh, cry, feel, watching them on the screens or enjoying their music.

Did they all hurt you in some way? All what, like 50 of them?
Did you want to be a big man?
Is this how you would treat a friend’s mother, daughter, or sister? Because they ARE someone’s mother, daughter, or sister.

Your lack of morals and incapability to understand what PRIVACY means makes me ashamed of how we the human race have turned out. Are we so willing to turn against each other and berate one another so that we can make ourselves feel better? To think we’re doing a good deed?

Instead of leaking naked photos, why don’t you use your so called talents to do more important things like hack into the fucking terrorists group. Because honestly there is no benefit in leaking nudes (I mean you’re probably masterbating to it, but that definitely doesn’t beat having REAL sex with a girl).

Your mother must be so proud of you. Why don’t you tell her your accomplishment and see what she says.

Every single female right now

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  • 1: i'd bang you against a wall

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how u hack somebody phone n leak nudes what kinda geek ass bitch

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[somersaults through your window] reassures u that u r not annoying me and i appreciate ur existence [kisses u on the cheek] [back flips out your window]

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my meals in the summer

  • breakfast: 3pm
  • dinner: 11pm
  • more food: 1am
  • midnight snack: 4am

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ya hes cute…….but is he conscientious of the social inequalities and corruption in hierarchies of power that plague this world

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I will actually never get over how fucking dumb Romeo and Juliet are

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There are two kinds of parrots…